At Live101, we think that life is made for living.
So come in and join the movement.

What’s your impossible?

Fomo. At Live101, we really don’t like that word. We’re anti fomo, and anti regret’s We don’t believe you need to live life with shouldas, wouldas or couldas looking back at you every time you check yourself out in the mirror (you look great, by the way). And that's why we exist.

We’re an app that lets you build, share and complete your bucket list. But we don’t like to call them bucket lists. We call them live-it lists. We let you check things off, add new goals, and we give you inspiration about what to get your teeth stuck into next.

Want to learn a new language? We can help you learn it. Fancy a swim with sharks? We’ll help you dive in. How about climbing a mountain? With us, you can climb that mother and get that selfie.

Your list

Step 1: Write your list, as little or as long as you like.

Photo & Video

Share your experience by uploading a photo or video. Remember to tag it with what you’ve done to get it striked off your list!


Follow your friends list’s to see what awesomeness they’re getting up to. Get inspired to add things to your own list. Go you.


Use our map guide to highlight what’s going on in other countries you want to visit.


Keep up to date with experience give away’s with our prizes tool! We’ll give you money off, plus details of competitions to enter. Make sure you check this and keep up to date!

We’ll soon be available both on iPhone and Android.

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